Fine English tradition, to the core

Making British cider from The Bounds’ at Much Marcle, Herefordshire, since 1878.

Henry Weston


Henry lived in The Bounds – a house so called because it lay across two Celtic borders – with his wife and nine children. Until recently, The Bounds was home to Henry Weston’s great grandson, also named Henry. Clearly, we like our traditions.

Just like raising a family

Just like
raising a

We’re incredibly passionate when it comes to our cider. No one else would or could take as much care over every apple, every harvest, every batch, as we do. Just like raising a family, it’s a true labour of love.


Some of our beautiful orchards are over 100 years old and still going strong. And even now that our business – and the world’s thirst for our cider – has grown, we still nurture and grow a lot of the fruit used in Stowford Press in our own apple orchards in the village of Much Marcle.

The Orchard


Keeping it in the family

Since Henry Weston founded Westons Cider in 1880 there have been five generations of Westons spanning the business. Helen Thomas, Henry’s great-grandaughter, is the current Managing Director.

About stowford press

Great tasting cider, rooted in tradition

Stowford Press combines century-old traditions with a flavour designed to appeal to more modern tastes. Stowford Press began its life as one of the traditional cider blends called ‘Vat 53’. It was over 30 years ago, that this blend was tweaked in the laboratory and thus, Stowford Press was born.

A perfect Day

A perfect
day for it

So often, the best things in life take time and dedication to get right. That’s especially true of our cider. And before new technology arrived to speed the process along, making the perfect pint took even more patience, and a lot more muscle, than it does today.

Fair Days Work

A fair
days work

Tending to the land was thirsty work. So much so that it was common to pay workers in cider as well as money. The going rate was four pints of cider per man, to be consumed over the course of the working day. This rather pleasing fact serves to illustrate the refreshing qualities of the drink as well as a quaint disregard for health and safety in the workplace.

Real horse power

A horse was used to turn the stone mill outside the family home to press the apples. Juice would run along the gully into a barrel, with the skin and core – called pomace – saved for animal feed.

Real Horse Power
Stowford Press bottle
Stowford Press

Made from 100%
pressed British apples

The Same
but different

Nowadays the equipment is a lot less temperamental and never needs to be mucked out. But while the technology has changed,the principles remain the same. And after a hard day at work, there’s still nothing better than a cold pint of Stowford Press. Even if you work in an office rather than an orchard.

The Same But Different

Made Our Way

The story of your pint

Around 16 or 17 perfectly ripe apples find their way into every pint of Stowford Press cider.


It was the very fertile and nutritious soil on which the small Herefordshire village of Much Marcle is built upon that first enticed Henry Weston to begin farming here. Tucked between the Malvern Hills and the Welsh Hills, Much Marcle provides the perfect naturally sheltered habitat in which apples thrive.

Home grown
Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

When they arrive at the factory the apples are inspected and weighed to make sure they’re up to scratch, then poured into a holding pit.

After two days they’re passed through a series of underground tunnels to be washed, then have any leaves and twigs removed. These make terrible cider, but excellent compost.

New Stowford Press

Our New Stowford Press

The clean fruit is crushed in the mill, then transferred to mash tanks to be pressed. It’s a pressing operation in more ways than one. We have just 12 weeks to ready all the fruit harvested that season, and at peak times our factory presses ten tonnes of apples every 90 minutes.

Stowford Press

For You
To Enjoy

Finally, the newly packaged Stowford Press is delivered to good pubs, bars and supermarkets across England and beyond.

Find it in an establishment near you.

Stowford Press

From Orchard to glass

Follow the step by step guide to our cider making process

Proud Sponsors

Good sports

Tradition and Englishness are an inherent part of cider making. So it makes perfect sense to lend our support to two sports that share our deep sense of heritage.

The Westons Cider ethos centres around tradition, quality and heritage and with cricket being deeply rooted in England’s sporting history, we feel the association sits perfectly.

Break for lunch

Official Cider
of England

Stowford Press is as English as the gentle thwack of leather on willow. It is also eminently suitable for enjoying on a warm summer’s day. Little wonder we were delighted to become sponsors of the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Cricket Ball
Sponsors of England Cricket

A fruitful

The partnership began in April 2012 and saw Stowford Press named as the Official Cider of English Cricket – a proud moment for the Weston family.

That year, spectators at Lord’s enjoyed 32,000 celebratory pints at the infamous cricket ground.

Sponsors of England cricket
Sponsors of Gloucester Rugby

With a keen desire to support teams in our local heartland, we’ve also developed a win-win partnership with Gloucester Rugby Club.

Rugby Sponsors

A perfect

We love rugby as much as Gloucester Rugby Club love cider, it’s the perfect match!

Again, it’s a game that’s deeply rooted in England’s sporting history, and we’re proud to keep supporters at the club’s home, Kingsholm stadium, adequately refreshed.

Sponsors of Rugby

Proud Sponsor
of Gloucester

The 2015/16 season kicks off with even more excitement as Stowford Press will not just be seen around the ground, but on the pitch too… look out for the Stowford Press name on the cherry and whites match kit.

Rugby Ball
Gloucester Rugby Sponsor


Stowford Press

What makes Stowford Press so refreshing?

Perhaps the fact that it’s made only with the finest bittersweet apples. Perhaps the extra time we give it to mature. Or perhaps it’s the happy combination of a traditional approach and modern efficiencies.

Whatever it is, our Herefordshire cider is so refreshingly fruity it’s enjoyed by legions of devoted drinkers the world over.Best served cold, on a sunny day. Or any day, really.

Style: a refreshing sparkling cider with the taste of crisp apples
Colour: light gold
Sweetness: Sweetness 2/5

ABV 4.5%

A refreshing taste


Made From 100% Local Home-Pressed Apples